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How to Apply for a Car Title Loan

Have you found yourself in a financial bind and seeking a creative way to survive a tough moment in time? Don’t let stress get the best of you. Millions of Americans are trying to make ends meet while finding a new job, working to pay off unforeseen medical bills, or striving to buy school books and supplies.

Based on the equity (worth) of your car, you will be able to borrow up to a certain amount of money. Gaining approval for an auto title loan can make all the difference in the world and the process is quite simple.

Here are the steps to gaining quick cash via a car title loan:

  • Fill out an application – You will be required to fill out an application for approval. You don’t have to worry about your credit being run. The application process is only between you and the lender. Your credit score doesn’t factor into the process.
  • Provide proof of car ownership – To be approved for a car title loan, you must own your vehicle. You will be required to show your car title and your name must be on the document. If by chance there is a co-owner of your vehicle, you will need their approval as well to gain a cash loan.
  • Supply driver’s license – In order to prove your identity, you are required to provide a valid driver’s license.
  • Show proof of car insurance – It is also required by law that you prove you have current car insurance. Supply the auto title lender with your active auto insurance policy.

Approval for an auto title loan usually only takes 30 minutes at most. When approved, you will walk away with cash in hand.

Keep in mind as you take out a car equity loan that you budget enough for your monthly loan payments. You will reap the benefits of an auto title loan only if you pay it back as agreed upon. The sooner you pay off a car title loan the better.

With a careful strategy for quickly repaying your loan, you will be back on your feet in no time.


Obama Administration Has Increased Fuel Standards

In order to better the environment and challenge American car makers to compete with the rapidly evolving car market, the Obama Administration has increased fuel economy standards to 54.5 miles per gallon. The standards are targeting automobiles and light-duty trucks made in 2025 and beyond. They were officially issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with the hopes of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in theory saving consumers $1.7 trillion in gas costs. Additionally, it is projected that oil consumption will be reduced by 12 billion barrels.

“These fuel standards represent the single most important step we’ve taken to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” said President Barack Obama through a press release. He also cited that families would greatly benefit from the standards in the near future

Because the United States is a nation that depends heavily on the automobile for both personal transportation and commerce, President Obama is certain that such a step will both strengthen the energy security and create a more sustainable economy in the long run.

Without a doubt, a growing number of U.S. citizens are finding daily living more challenging where finances are concerned. As result of traditional banks pulling back on personal and small business loanofferings, the automobile is playing an important role in the economy. Auto title loans are being offered at competitive rates. Noted as non-traditional short-term loans, car title loans are offered to those who own their vehicles outright and don’t depend on one’s credit rating.

In theory, the money saved at the gas pump due to fuel economy reforms will put money back into the pockets of those who need it most. Additionally, as Japan, Korea, and Germany develop automobiles with extremely high fuel economies, the United States auto industry will be able to better compete for years to come.


Learn Why More Americans Are Turning to Auto Title Loans

According to recent news reports, Americans are increasingly relying on car title loans to help them through though financial moments. Whether in need of funds for medical bills, schooling, home repairs, car repairs, or the mortgage, numerous individuals have been turned down in their effort to gain traditional bank loans. This has led many to seek alternate means to gain access to cash, which includes car title loans.

The following are five top reasons consumers are turning to auto title loans:  

  1. No Credit Check Required – When applying for a traditional bank loan, a credit check is a requirement. However, auto title loans aren’t based on the intangible concept of a credit rating. The loan is granted based on the worth of an auto title loan applicant’s automobile.
  2. Quick Access to Cash – Today’s auto title loans usually produce cash in less than an hour, while traditional bank loans can take much more time to gain.
  3.  No Penalty for Early Loan Repayment – Unlike many loan forms that penalize individuals for paying their loan off quickly, auto title lenders provide their customers the freedom to pay their loan back as soon as possible. In fact, early repayment is encouraged.
  4. Rates Getting More Competitive – Because of the increased demand for car title loans, interest rates are becoming more competitive each day. This provides individuals the opportunity to shop around for the best deal.
  5. The Internet Has Led to Increased Accountability – As consumers have become more adept at reviewing companies throughout the United States, auto title lenders are constantly challenged to better their product offerings and services. It is possible to seek out a lender that is both trustworthy and cost-effective.

As the economy continues to be trying for many Americans, finance experts believe that car title loans will continue to be commonly sought out. In order for a consumer to benefit from such a loan, loan repayment should be taken seriously.


How to Successfully Pay Off A Car Title Loan

There are many myths out there surrounding auto title loans. The largest myth is that once an individual takes one, they will probably lose their car. In fact, a growing number of consumers are experiencing quite the opposite and successfully paying their loans off on a daily basis.

Since many traditional banks are limiting the lending of money to those with near perfect credit scores, millions of Americans with less than perfect scores are left to struggle when an emergency arises. This is why car title loans are becoming more popular each day. For those have recently taken money out against the equity of their automobile via an auto title loan or for those considering one, the following recommendations will come in handy:

  • Know the Terms and Conditions of the Auto Title Loan – It is vital that a consumer know exactly what is expected of them – such as how many payments are due, the interest rate, late/missed payment penalties, and more.
  • Budget for Monthly Loan Payments – Make sure that enough money is set aside to make each monthly payment on time. This may mean cutting down on entertainment funds, decreasing a cell rate plan, cancelling cable, or other bold money saving measures. If for any reason, a payment is late or missed, one may be subject to additional fees and/or increased interest rates.
  • Set Aside Some of the Loaned Cash for Monthly Payments. At the time of an auto title loan it may be beneficial to put aside a portion of the cash gained for a handful of monthly payments. This gives an individual a bit of time to get on their feet financially, while still making payments in full and on time.
  • Plan to Pay a Car Title Loan Off Early if Possible – The earlier a title loan is paid off, the more a consumer will benefit. One of the advantages of an auto title loan is that there is no penalty for paying the entire off early.

As the demand of auto title loans continues to grow over time, the market is expected to become more competitive. It is recommended that consumers get to know their title lenders and create an equitable relationship until the loan is paid off in full.


Title Loans Irvine

We are a highly experienced Irvine title loans company with over a decade in the industry. Our company has helped so many people get the cash they needed through our title loans. Our number one goal is to make sure you get to keep the vehicle you own through our cash car title loans in Irvine. We can assist you with the following:


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It’s important to know that our Irvine title loans company is going to not only give you a great loan but also great service. You will notice right away that we deliver in both our product and customer service. See how fast you can get your Irvine title loans with us today.

The quick way to getting approved for our Irvine auto title loans is simple. Simply find the application on our website, fill it out with the appropriate information and then click Get Cash. Get our Irvine title loan within one hour of getting approved.

And what’s great is that we don’t just hand you our Irvine cash title loan without having our friendly crew alerting you of all the essential details. We encourage our possible clients to research out the Irvine title loans company competition because we know they’ll be happy to come on board with us afterwards.

Car Title Loans Irvine

Our quick cash title loans have been solving clients’ problems since 1999. Your Irvine cash loan is just a call or click away. Don’t let bad credit deter you. We most likely can still help. Our Irvine title loans may be just what you need to get over the hump today.

We love treating our title loan clients right. In addition to all of our features, we also provide an industry-leading and friendly customer service team that is dedicated to getting you the cash you need fast!

There are thousands of dollars that are up for you to grab and use for good. Our car title loans in Irvine help people just like you to keep their car.

Life can attack us financially when we’re not ready. That’s where our quick loans come in. Some of our clients use our cash loans to meet the financial demands of an unforeseen domestic issue. You may want to use our Irvine cash advance to fund a business need. Let us be a part of your financial victories. Contact our fast and professional Irvine title loan money lender now.

Title Loans Torrance

Torrance title loans

See what a fast Torrance title loans company can do for your immediate need in life today. Title loans in Torrance may be just what you need to tackle whatever life’s thrown at you. It’s possible that a medical bill came in that you didn’t expect. Or you may have just searched for “title loans Torrance company” because your living situation just increased and now you need more money this month for your car payment.

You’ve come to the right place for your cash car title loan in Torrance since our company led the charge almost a decade ago in the industry. With more than ten years of experience we can help you find the perfect pink slip title loan for your specific needs.

Torrance Car Title Loans

We have title loan packages from $2,510 to $20,000! And don’t even worry about having bad credit because our team can still help you get your Torrance car title loans. Now, courtesy of Title Loans Orange County, you can pay off that hospital bill this month, or your house payment.

With our Torrance title loan company, you can bet on a fast and friendly experience in which you can get in and out and back to life. You will be guided by our knowledgeable and smiling title loans crew to get the cash you want quickly.

Our company led the title loans charge in Southern California over ten years ago

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Car Title Loans Los Angeles

Title Loans Los Angeles, CA

title loans Los AngelesYou could receive thousand of dollars in cash today with our title loan Los Angeles company. If you are looking for a quick way to take the financial pressure off you from your car payment, we can help.

Let us ease the stress you have this month caused by whatever life challenge has been thrown your way by offering you one of our pink slip loans. Our LA title loans staff is knowleageable and helpful to point you to the right cash advance for your custom needs.

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LA Car Title Loans

Many people think that if you go ahead with a purchase of a Los Angeles car title loan you will still end up saying goodbye to your car. This is false, because many customers realize how to budget out their lives and now have time to learn how to cut down expenses in other areas so they can pay off their LA title loan. And now that our customers are no longer paying to go see the newest movie in theaters or eating out every night, they can now consistently pay their particular car bill and no longer need the aid of a Los Angeles title loan

And what’s great about our title loans in Los Angeles, CA is that we gladly allow you to pay off your loan ahead of schedule if you’d like.

Pink Slip Loans Los Angeles

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Car Title Loans Huntington Beach, CA

Car Title Loans Huntington Beach, California

If you need money fast you’ve come to the right place. Our car title loans Huntington Beach company is what you need! Advance Capital Resources, LLC, dba Title Loans Orange County is the ultimate source for quality Huntington Beach title loans. Since 1999 people have been able to get the money they needed for whatever life threw at them through our quick cash car title loans. All that needs to be done to get you on the path to a quick Huntington Beach cash loan today is to fill out our online application or walk in to our OC location. Bad credit isn’t a factor with us getting you your cash advance. Today is the day you take charge and let one of our Huntington Beach car title loans impact your life in a positive way.

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Title Loans Huntington Beach

title loans Huntington BeachTitle Loans Orange County is a premier, direct money lender and we fund the Huntington Beach car title loans ourselves. With the uncertainty of life our quick loan could be just what you need. It may be the case that you require a cash loan to help with an unfortunate divorce issue. Business ventures can be expensive. Why not get a Huntington Beach cash advance to get you started. Your cash can be just an hour away! Contact our fast and professional car title loans in Huntington Beachcompany at (949) 566-8170. Quick cash is just around the corner.

Huntington Beach Title Loans

Huntington Beach title loansEven though you can get our Huntington Beach Title Loans quickly we take the time to ensure you understand all of the details involved. Once you arrive at our facility our friendly crew will inspect your vehicle and get you the right car title loan for your particular needs. Once we find the right quick loan amount then your cash advance is just minutes away!

When you need a quick loan in Huntington Beach, let Title Loans Orange County lead you onto the right path. See why so many look to us as the standard for money lending. Acquire the car title loans in Huntington Beach you need for your life’s unique situation today.
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Huntington Beach Car Title Loans

Huntington Beach car title loansWhat we try to do is get you your Huntington Beach car title loan as quickly as we can. But we love getting you cash advances with the best possible customer service team.
Don’t get caught up with the long and drawn cash car title loan approval process that some loan companies offer. Our speed at which we get you your cash car title loan is unmatched. An hour is all you’ll have to wait for your cash.

Our quick loan customer service is one of our biggest strengths. Yes we are quick but you won’t feel obligated to get cash from us ever. A friendly car title loan money lender in Huntington Beach will be ready to assist you whether you call us or walk right into our physical location for a cash loan. For the best car title loans Huntington Beach, CA has to offer, call us at (949) 566-8170.


Car Title Loans Long Beach Services

Car Title Loans Long Beach, California

Car Title Loans Long Beach, California

Title Loans Orange County is the fastest and best car title loans Long Beach company in California. Need cash now? We can get you car title loans in Long Beach in record time. Within just one hour you can walk out of our facility with thousands in cash.

3 Reasons to Get Title Loans Long Beach Services

Car title loans Long Beach can be just what you need if you have undergone an medical procedure that you didn’t expect and you need cash to pay your car now. Or car title Loans Long Beach, CA may be what you need to take the edge off the demands of a new business you’ve started. There are also unfortunate events that can happen domestically that you may need get some extra cash for quickly. With Title Loans Orange County, it doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, we’ll get you the money you need within the hour.

Title Loans Long Beach Bad Credit

Many people worry about their credit score when getting cash title loans Long Beach packages elsewhere. You won’t have to worry about that with our quick car title loans Long Beach company. We deliver to you just the amount of cash you require regardless of your bad credit.

Long Beach Title Loans Customer Service

Another thing you can count on with our Long Beach title loans company is our amazing and helpful customer service team. Our Long Beach car title loans reps are here to answer any questions you may have along the way. Don’t hesitate any longer to get your fast cash you’ve been searching for! Call our car title loans Long Beach company today!

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