Pink Slip Loans

Our Pink Slip Loans are Fast, Easy, and Confidential.

In the old days, bets were settled and scores were laid to rest with the exchange of pink slips. That’s right- remember in simpler times when your car could be put up as exchange for your dignity or to resolve a bet? Today, you may be able to exchange that same piece of paper but for cold hard cash- using pink slip loans.

In a recession, while thousands of workers are laid off from every industry, level and type of position- hard times have fallen on millions nationwide. How do you manage your expenses in this tough situation? There are things that can’t be postponed such as mortgage payments, medical expenses, credit card payments, student loans, etc. The obvious step is to take out a loan, more specifically a pink slip loan, which comes totally hassle free with just the condition of keeping your car as security.

In times like this you probably do not have the time or energy to research countless financial support options. And since your monthly expenses are mounting by the day, decisions on how to generate cash today must be made. With most mortgage installments, medical bills and educational expenses; you cannot put them off for another day even if a late notice is staring in your face. So what can you do? You need quick cash and the only way to obtain it is to opt for an easy loan.

Here’s how they work. Pink slip loans provide emergency funds using your car title as collateral. Considered as subprime debt obligations, these funds are usually issued to borrowers who have a bad credit rating as market options available for them are comparatively less. The greatest advantage of these loans is that the procurement process is extremely fast and hassle free. In fact, you can get it done in less than an hour. The borrower doesn’t need to produce numerous proofs of income records, etc. The only requirement is the document proving you are the title owner of your car.

If this is your situation, let us help! Get a pink slip loan today and pay off your debts. We are conveniently located at 15182 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach or call (949) 566-8170 right now for a quick consultation. You can also submit your information for a free, no obligation quote online. We can answer all your questions, instruct you how to fill out the paperwork and help you feel at ease about your decision.