Online Title Loans

Online title loans are a speedy and easy way to get cash, without the dreaded credit check.  And, vehicle owners get to keep their vehicle and drive it wherever and however they choose, while at the same time getting the money they need. There are several different ways that vehicle owners can obtain an online car title loan but here are two of them. In both cases the applications and loan process can be conducted over the internet or at our convenient Huntington Beach location. There are however, a few distinct differences between the two.

The first way online title loans can be done is also called a title lien loan, this way essentially places a lien on your clear title of ownership. This loan is provided to you, regardless of your geographical location and without seeing the vehicle. The application process is a little more difficult than the second type of loan. Borrowers are required to show proof of residency, proof of income, proof of full coverage insurance, and proof of a free and clear title, among other documentation. And not all loan offices do this type of loan because of the liability on them of having not visually verified the condition of the vehicle in question. That is what makes this type of loan rarer and harder to come by.

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The second type of online title loan, which is actually a vehicle pawn, processes the paperwork a little differently. A lien is not placed on the title, but a signed contract is required. Often this type of loan process requires you to actually leave the vehicle in the possession of the pawn broker until the loan is paid back. This is not the ideal situation because most people still need the availability of their vehicle. The application process is simple, often only requiring a few basic items such as proof of income and proof of vehicle ownership. In the case of a vehicle pawn, the perfect running condition of the vehicle is not always necessary, since the amount of the loan is much smaller. Should the vehicle owner fail to repay the pawn, the pawn broker simply sells the vehicle for scrap and recovers their money.

Here at Title Loans Orange County we use a process that verifies the vehicle and allows you to continue driving it while you are paying back the loan. We do the same verifications of income but do not check credit. This is often the best way to secure the quick money you need.

Getting online title loans is easy! Keep your car and move forward with life! Visit us today at 15182 Goldenwest St., Westminster or call (949) 566-8170 right now for a quick consultation.

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